Hip beats yoga

Tuesday – 6-7p

Join us for San Antonio’s only Hip Beats yoga class. We open up class with the latest hip music beats and get into our own hips. Designed for those athletes with tight hips who could stand to loosen up their hips as well as their heads with soul beats music and hip openers.


powerflow yoga

3rd Thursday – 7:30-8:30p

Once a month we are offering this powerful Baptiste inspired vinyasa class. We promise to get you sweaty, shift your mind out of the funk, and into the present moment, which is all we own. Open to all levels.


Run y restore

Saturday – 9-10a

We run and we stretch all in one hour. Come for the run or stay for the yoga. Run with us down to the river and back again or stay for the yoga. This one- hour class is designed to get athletes together to share in their love of fitness. Stretch before we run, do the run, stretch after we will be here to guide you.


brunch date

Sunday – 10-11a

Come hang out with us on everyone’s favorite day of the week. #brunchdatebroga isn’t just for the boys, it’s a unique class to drop the intimidation out of yoga and hang with all of your favorite bros (i.e. this is gals too). One-hour, a vinyasa inspired yoga class to ignite and awaken your Sunday. Run, bike or walk to our favorite spots (Uncommon Fare, Friendly Spot, Feast, Tito's, Cascabel & etc.) and enjoy a 10% discount. Just be sure to tell them you just came from #brunchdatebroga.