Week 3 - Week of 09/28




Easy run of 4 miles.



Join Us at 6pm


Our Tuesday evening Runner's Circuit is a 1 hour boot camp style workout for runners focusing on skills, technique, endurance, stability & strength required to get you to the half marathon fit and healthy.


Join Us at 6pm


3.5 mile tempo run which includes .5 mile warmup and .5 mile cool down.  Get your miles in during our Group Social Run and stay around for our free yoga for runners class.





30-45 minutes of Hill training.



Join Us at 6am


Join us for PRJKT MVMNT for a 1 hour functional fitness  total body workout. This week we will meet and workout at the Tobin Center.

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5 mile long run on the road or hit the trails. We will not be having our regular group Trail Run this week do to the events at the Hemisfair for Grand Opening Weekend.



Join us at the Hemisfair.


30-45 minute cross training (yoga, swimming, walking, biking & etc...).  Join us at the Hemisfair for a group Social Run at 9am, Yoga at 10am and PRJKT MVMNT boot camp at noon !