Run, runSA

Rock N Roll Half Marathon Training Program week 1

We want to help you run and finish the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in San Antonio.  

Starting this week we will begin publishing a weekly training program to help you get there strong and healthy.

Feel free to follow this program on your own or join us Tuesday (6pm) for a Runner's Circuit, Wednesday (6pm) for our evening group social run, Friday (6am) PRJKT MVMNT and our Trail Run Saturday.


Monday: 3 mile Easy Run

Tuesday: Runner's Circuit

(0.5mi warm up & 0.5mi cool down) 

(12x each exercise, 4-5 rounds)

  • Squat Jumps
  • Plank Bird Dog
  • Side Plank Leg Lifts
  • Lunge to Balance Runner
  • 30 sec Sprint w/90 sec jog recovery(2x)

    Wednesday: Tempo Run 3 miles

    (2 miles even-paced moderately hard effort)

    (Distance includes 0.5 mi warm up and 0.5 mi cool down)

    Thursday: Hill Training

    (0.5mi warm up & 0.5 mi cool down)

    30-45 sec sprint uphill w/sprint downhill (5-8 rounds)

    Friday: Functional Fitness Bootcamp (PRJKT MVMNT) 1 hour

    Saturday: 3-3.5 mile long run or Trail Run Saturday

    Sunday: 30-45 min XT (cross-training)

    (includes walking, elliptical, cycling, swimming, yoga, etc.)