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Yoga for the Professional Yogi

When I was in medical sales, I would drive 6+ hours a day. Most people I know that work in a professional setting sit all day and are stressed about jobs, family, and the bills due. 

Taking time for yourself is important not only to you, but also to those around you. It's important to take responsibility for your wellbeing and as I say in class "when you make yourself better, you make those around you better". 

Some of the benefits of yoga for the professional yogi include improved musculoskeletal body, overall better attitude of the mind and body, increased awareness of the body's alignment and posture, and allows for the inner self to undergo a stream of changes that creates more happiness and joy in life. 

It's easy to take 5-10 minutes out of every hour or couple of hours to get up and stretch. Taking a forward fold, Child's pose, seated leg stretching, or simply interlacing your hands behind you and pulling your shoulders back to stretch the chest will make all the difference in the world for someone who sits all day.  The low back is also another stress point for many individuals who sit.  Stretching for the hamstrings and hip flexors will  take off the pressure from the back and relieve much more than just the back pain itself, as the hips tend to carry the most stress related energy for the entire body. 

I have been practicing yoga for three years and now that my body and I have become to know each other more, it hurts for me to sit longer than two hours. I have to get up, walk, fold forward, stretch my arms and sometimes just simply sit with my eyes closed for five minutes. 

I'm healthier for me, but also responding to those around me in a more positive manner versus reacting to them over something that is meaningless. This not only creates a better day for me but also those around me. 

Get up and move. Studies show it takes 21 days to create a new habit so why not start yours today? You will begin to notice subtle changes in you and your environment. Get up, get out, and get some yoga.