March Madness Fitness Challenge #MMFCSA

March Madness Fitness Challenge. Running in San Antonio.

March is in full swing and is a great opportunity to start working towards improving your health and fitness as summer approaches.  To help motivate San Antonians, we have launched our March Madness Fitness Challenge.

The challenge will run through March 31 and we will be giving away prizes to weekly winners and a grand prize to the overall winner at the end of the month.

For any of our events on our online calendar of events that you participate in you will receive 1 sticker.  The person with the most stickers at the end of every week (Tuesday - Tuesday) will win a mystery prize.  The grand prize will be awarded to the person with the most stickers accumulated over the entire month of March.

To participate in the March Madness Fitness Challenge:

  •     participate in any of our scheduled events (click here to see the full schedule)
  •     follow us on social media for other opportunities and special pop-up events to win additional stickers
  •     make sure to let the staff know to add you to the list or give you an additional sticker based on participation

To earn extra stickers right now:

  • sign up for our mailing list in store (1 sticker)
  • post a selfie in front of our sugar skull mural in store and tag #MMFCSA (2 stickers)

We hope you will take this challenge and invite others to participate with you.

Good luck and get fit !