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Sunday Yanaguana Run at 8:30am

Below are the details for tomorrow mornings run from Yanaguana at the Hemisfair starting at 8:30am.

The run will be a social run available for runners of all levels.  We'll run an out & back route along the Riverwalk and runners are welcome to turn around at any point based on their fitness level.

The entire out & back run is ~3 - 3.2 miles.

Check out the route on Strava by clicking here.  

Join the San Antonio Running Company Club on Strava as well by clicking here.

Route Details:

  1. We'll start at Yanguana Garden and run on Cesar Chavez to access the Riverwalk
  2. After accessing the Riverwalk off of Cesar Chavez we will run South towards Blue Star
  3. After about 1/2 a mile we will cross over on Arsenal Bridge to access the other side of the Riverwalk continuing to run towards Blue Star
  4. Shortly after running past Blue Star we will follow another bridge to pass back over the Riverwalk and continue following the path South, away from Downtown / Blue Star
  5. Once you cross under the rail road track there will be a slight uphill ending at Lone Star Blvd.
  6. This is the turn around point. 
  7. Here we will turn around and run back the exact same way.