Run the San Antonio Riverwalk

San Antonio is currently a good destination for runners but we have the potential to be a great running community for both locals and tourists.

Although, we are not known as the fittest city on the planet, San Antonio does lend itself to see an increase in running in the coming years.

San Antonio Riverwalk mural at the San Antonio Running Company

San Antonio Riverwalk mural at the San Antonio Running Company

The Riverwalk is an unbelievable resource for runners but still remains quite underutilized as it can be fairly daunting to run the Riverwalk if you are not familiar with the area and the best places to run.

Unfortunately, tourists and many locals, have a perception of the “Riverwalk” only encompassing the traditional city center area which is highly commercialized and can become overcrowded and rowdy, not lending itself to running.

The recent Riverwalk extensions towards the Pearl and the Missions are often unexplored.

One of our missions at the San Antonio Running Company is to help educate tourists and locals around running on the Riverwalk and help promote healthy living in San Antonio.

To that end, we’ve commissioned a wall sized mural of the Riverwalk to act as a talking point and be able to act as a resource to San Antonio runners on the best places to run and the history of the Riverwalk.

Stop by and checkout the mural if you are interested in running the Riverwalk and our staff can help guide you along whether you are looking for a short scenic route or need to get in an 18 mile run for an upcoming marathon.