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Rules Of The Road

Thanks to our friends at San Antonio Road Runners for compiling this concise rules of the road for runners and walkers.

  1. Please always walk/run facing oncoming traffic.
  2. Always stay on the sidewalk when one is available.
  3. If there is no sidewalk, always stay near the left side of the road in single file.
  4. Do not cross intersections opposing street lights.
  5. Always watch for traffic in all directions - vehicles are bigger and danger is ever present.
  6. Light colored clothing is always recommended.
  7. On cloudy days or at night, wear/use reflective gear - front and back.
  8. It is recommended you run/walk with a training partner or a group.
  9. If you use an MP3 player, remember you need to be able to hear traffic, angry animals, etc.
  10. First and foremost - Safety First! It could save your life.

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