Yoga Beginner's Class

  • San Antonio Running Company 711 South Saint Marys Street San Antonio, TX, 78205 United States

In these six lessons, you will learn the most commonly used poses that are safe and accessible for the beginning student. You will also learn the basic yoga breathing techniques and simple meditation practices with which to begin and end your yoga sessions. Each lesson will start with the basic practice philosophy and focus on specific principles of alignment. 

You will practice the yoga poses within a sequence that will grow and change as you progress through the lessons. By the end of lesson six, you will have the skill and confidence to expand your personal practice at home or in a studio with an experienced teacher.  

Each student will receive:

Class Materials:

Pranyama Reading and Practice Materials

Meditation Reading and Practice Materials

Asana (poses) booklet with poses, names in english and sanskrit, detailed worksheet with benefits and contraindications for each pose, three sequences to practice on your own building on each class.

Class price - $125